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Article 19.06 - Marking of thoroughfares and escape routes, signage, lighting

Article 19.06(14), in accordance with (6) - glass panels identified as emergency exits

Article 19.06(19) - Rooms in which crew members or shipboard personnel are accommodated

Article 19.10(9) - Control of insulation resistances

Article 19.11(2)(a)(aa) and (bb) - Fire protection, partitions

Article 19.11 - Fire protection of fittings and equipment located on the upper deck

Article 19.13 - Safety rota and safety plan

Article 19.03(7) and Article 19.03(9)(d) - Calculation of intermediate stages of flooding (free surfaces)

Article 19.03(7), (8) and (10) - Calculation of intermediate stages of flooding

Article 1.01(12.2) in conjunction with ESI-III-2 - Persons with reduced mobility

Article 19.06(4) - Cabin doors giving onto stairwells or interior rooms

Article 19.06(6) - Escape routes for persons with reduced mobility

Article 19.10(4)(h) - Emergency electrical power plant for additional safety devices

Article 19.11(2) - Partition of the control centres

Article 19.11(11)(a) - Area with a floor total surface equal to or lower than 800 m²

Article 19.09(2), Article 19.13(1) - Lifejackets for shipboard personnel, safety rota

Article 19.11, Article 1.01(3.11) - Offices not used as a control centre

Article 19.11(14)(a) – Fire protection for stairs

Article 19.02(15) – Height of double bottoms

8.06(2), 8.07(2) – Ventilation of tanks

Article 3.01 – Good shipbuilding practice

Article 19.11(9) - Fire protection of doors in enclosures

Article 8.06(2) - Lubricating oil tanks and their pipework and other related equipment,
Article 8.07(2) - Tanks for other oils

Article 19.03(9)(c) in conjunction with Article 1.01(4.6) and Article 19.02(16) - Flooding criteria when calculating stability

Article 19.06(3)(a) - Application of article 19.06(3)(a) to a group of toilets

Article 7.06(3) - Repair of Inland AIS equipment installed on board that have a type approval in accordance with the test standard for Inland AIS, edition 1.0 or 1.01

Article 19.03(9) - Application of stability 1 criteria forward of the collision bulkhead

Article 7.06(1) and (3) - Navigational radar installations and Inland AIS equipment

Article 19.06(7), Article 29.09(d) - Safety guidance system

Chapter 18 - On-board sewage treatment plants

Article 19.06(1) - Compartments and enclosed spaces