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Article 19.06 - Marking of thoroughfares and escape routes, signage, lighting

As required in article 19.06, it must be possible to leave rooms safely and exits and escape routes must be clearly marked. Shortcomings have been observed during every inspection.
- Direct connection between galley and bar, and therefore the passenger area,
- No secure access to the engine room,
- Access points from galley and engine room onto a shared corridor leading to the passenger area
or which is part of the escape route,
- Thoroughfares or escape routes are so designed that they lead to dead ends, or form tangles
or their layout is contrary to the natural escape flow,
- escape routes from the various decks or areas converge immediately in front of the
evacuation area. e.g. side doors, resulting inevitably in chaos and injury.


The shipyards appear to be inadequately informed here.

Proposed solution:

No change is required to the RVIR. The Inspection bodies need to respond accordingly.

RV/G (07) 71

The statements on the topic are pertinent.

RV/G (07) 90

CCNR Inspection Regulations Working Group RV/G, escape routes