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Article 19.11(2) - Partition of the control centres

The table in article 19.11(2) states that control centres with a partition separating it from the lounges shall have type A bulkheads.
Were this requirement to be applied rigorously, the partition separating the reception, which is frequently located within the central hall, from a control centre would have to be of type A. This is complicated in practice because some means of physical access between the reception and control centre is required.

This being so, does the partition requirement have to be applied so strictly?
Furthermore, it would be desirable for the definition of control centre (article 1.01(3.9)) to be supplemented by alarm systems, a smoke extraction system, emergency circuit breakers etc.

RV/G (08) 12

Each passenger vessel possesses a minimum of two control centres: the wheelhouse and the room in which the emergency power plant is located.

RV/G (07) 90

CCNR Inspection Regulations Working Group RV/G, fire protection, control centres