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Article 19.13 - Safety rota and safety plan

This requirement has proved to be very useful because the tasks for which the crew is responsible need to be clearly determined in advance.


The question arises as to whether the safety rota is “realistic”, i.e. if crew members are clearly aware of limits and potential options, for example, for implementation of the safety rota on board, the storage and marking of firefighting equipment and safety equipment at the designated locations, etc.

Proposed solution:

1. The security rota’s contents need to be examined for accuracy.

2. It needs to be checked whether the crew is able to access the safety and evacuation equipment quickly. Corresponding provisions, similar to those stipulated for the time taken to launch the lifeboats should feature in these documents.

RV/G (07) 71

The inspection body checks the relevance and realism of the safety rota. It cannot conduct a comparison with the personnel actually available aboard a given vessel because it does not know the number of shipboard personnel who might have a role to play within the safety rota.

RV/G (07) 90

CCNR Inspection Regulations Working Group RV/G, safety rota, cleaning, shipboard personnel