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Article 8.06(2) - Lubricating oil tanks and their pipework and other related equipment,
Article 8.07(2) - Tanks for other oils


How is the requirement in Articles 8.06(2) and 8.07(2) that 'neither (lubricating) oil nor (lubricating) oil vapour may accidentally reach the inside of the vessel' to be understood and what does this mean for the ventilation of such tanks? (Article 8.05(2) contains the same requirement for fuel tanks, but Article 8.05(6) only requires a breather pipe leading outside.)


Unlike Article 8.05, Articles 8.06 and 8.07 concern only storage tanks. Such tanks do not usually undergo a temperature increase causing the release of lubricating oil vapour. For certain lubricating oils, the ingress of water is to be avoided.

Ad Article 8.05: The vapour has to be vented outside.
Ad Article 8.06: Ventilation may be to the inside or outside.
Ad Article 8.07: Ventilation may be to the inside or outside.

Thermal oils in systems are authorised only in closed systems.

RV/G (09)m 31 final, point 5

CCNR Inspection Regulations Working Group RV/G, Lubricating oil tanks, tanks for other oils, thermal oils, ventilation