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Article 19.11, Article 1.01(3.11) - Offices not used as a control centre

How are offices treated if they are not a control centre as construed by article 1.01(3.9)?

In Article 1.01(3.11) the term “lounge” designates a passenger area. According to article 1.01(3.8), an office is a passenger room and therefore a lounge.

An office shall be deemed to be a control centre and required to be designed in accordance with Article 19.11 as concerns installed partitions in the case of a room permanently occupied by shipboard personnel or crew members, as per article 1.01(3.9) or by fire alarm equipment, remote controls or fire dampers.

RV/G (08) 47

The working group shares this opinion.

RV/G (08) 51

CCNR Inspection Regulations Working Group RV/G, fire protection, offices control centre