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Article 19.06(19) - Rooms in which crew members or shipboard personnel are accommodated

According to Article 19.06(19), the rooms for the crew and shipboard personnel shall comply by analogy with the passenger rooms and areas referred to in Article 19.06.


how are we to understand the arrangement by analogy of the exits as construed by Article 19.06 (3)?


Article 19.06(3)(a) stipulates that rooms or groups of rooms designed or arranged for 30 or more passengers or including berths for 12 or more passengers shall have at least two exits. On day trip vessels one of these two exits can be replaced by two emergency exits. Rooms with only one exit must have at least one emergency exit (temporary requirement in force until 30.9.2008).

Article 19.06(3)(b) describes exits from rooms located below the bulkhead deck. It states that a watertight bulkhead door according to Article 19.02(10), leading into an adjacent compartment from which the upper deck can be reached directly shall be considered an exit. The other exit must give directly onto the bulkhead deck or open air.

Article 19.02 (10) describes the requirements concerning watertight bulkhead doors.


There is no need to modify the RVIR [ES-TRIN].

RV/G (07) 71

The interpretations and answers are correct.

RV/G (07) 90

CCNR Inspection Regulations Working Group RV/G, lounges, crew, shipboard personnel