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Article 19.02 - Windows below the waterline

Under certain technical conditions, passenger ships may have windows that are below the waterline in the final stage of flooding during a breakdown situation (19.02(16)); in contrast, there are no requirements concerning windows located below the waterline in the intact state, and such are not prohibited. In view of the additional risk of flooding potentially posed by windows installed at the waterline (even if watertight), this issue needs to be resolved.

It is necessary to distinguish between windows below the water line and below the flotation line. The windows need to have a minimum strength, although each inspection body needs to specify the requirements itself at present.

RV/G (12) 16 rev. 1 = JWG (12) 14 rev. 1; RV/G (12)m 59 = JWG (12)m 61, F4; JWG (12)m 91, item 7.2; RV/G (06) 31

Joint working group JWG, window, waterline