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ES-TRIN, Article 19.06(4)(a) - Doors of passenger rooms

Why does Article 19.06(4)(a) contain the following exception: “With the exception of doors leading to connecting corridors” ? Do not most doors lead to connecting corridors?

In (a) are doors of cabins, toilets or washing facilities that are not supposed to open into connecting corridors in order to avoid accidents. In the case of other doors in the interior of the vessel it may be unclear what “to the outside” means.

(4) refers to passenger room doors. As a matter of principle, these should open outwards so that in an emergency, passengers can exit the room as quickly as possible. The exception are doors giving onto connecting corridors as referred to in (a), because connecting corridors can be obstructed by open doors. Doors suddenly opening into connecting corridors also result in a high additional risk of accident, especially in crisis situations.

CESNI/PT (16) 55 rev. 1, CESNI/PT (18)m 14

CESNI working group technical requirements CESNI/PT, doors, passenger rooms, connecting corridors