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ES-TRIN, Article 7.06 and Annex 5 - Validity period for maritime and river type approvals

Interpretation with effect from 1st January 2022


When the type approval of navigation or information equipment as construed by the ES-TRIN is based on a maritime type approval, what are the consequences of the expiry of the maritime type approval validity?


In the case of equipment no longer installed aboard, the validity of the inland navigation type approval is conditional on the validity of the MED certificate. Otherwise expressed, should the inland navigation type approval expire, because the MED approval has not been renewed, then the equipment in question can no longer be installed in craft.

However, in the case of equipment that is already installed aboard, the transitional provisions of the ES-TRIN apply. The validity of the type approval is not restricted retroactively.

CESNI/PT (20) 39 rev. 1

CESNI working group technical requirements CESNI/PT, type approval, MED