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ESI-I-1 - Issuing of an inland navigation certificate


How should the inland navigation vessel certificate be filled out when being extended?


The entries recording the inspection and other information (excluding area of operation) in items 10 and 11 may only be made when the inland navigation certificate is first issued. All extensions are to be entered under item 49.
The details entered under items 10 and 11 on page 2 may only be amended when the entire certificate is replaced. Details on which certificate is replaced shall be entered under item 9.
When a craft switches from one certificate to another (for example, from inspection certificate to Union certificate), the complete certificate shall be replaced.

The historical record documented by the entries in item 49 is especially important for the inspection and extension of the inland navigation vessel certificate. This is the basis for applying the ES­TRIN, especially when applying transitional provisions. A loss of information could result in incorrect administrative action (e.g. application of a transitional provision that is no longer applicable after conversion).

CESNI/PT (18)41m final

CESNI working group technical requirements CESNI/PT, inland navigation certificate, items 10 and 11