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Article 19.10 - Emergency power in conjunction with Article 10.02

According to article 19.10(6) the emergency power plant required on passenger vessels shall be installed outside the rooms housing the power sources referred to in Article 10.02(1). Article 10.02(1) calls for vessels to have at least two power sources. Does this mean that passenger vessels need to have three electrical power sources, or is it sufficient to install two power sources that are redundant in terms of fire and leakage?

In principle, there need to be three power sources.

If any of the inspection bodies should be of the opinion that two power sources are sufficient, the conditions for this can be specified as part of the process for issuing a recommendation in accordance with Article 2.19 of the RVIR

RV/G (12) 16 rev. 1 = JWG (12) 14 rev. 1; RV/G (12)m 59 = JWG (12)m 61, D13; JWG (12)m 91, item 7.2

Joint working group JWG, power source, passenger vessel