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Article 8.10(3) - Measurement of noise generated by a stationary vessel

The applicable boundary conditions to be observed when conducting this measurement need to be specified. What exactly is a stationary vessel? What systems need to be running when the measurement is performed?

A stationary vessel is a vessel that has been moored to the riverbank temporarily or is anchored mid stream, e.g. during rest time, on which all of the equipment needed for operation of the vessel is running.

The machinery needed for operation comprises at least the generators required for the vessel’s own power supply and possibly fans.

RV/G (12) 16 rev. 1 = JWG (12) 14 rev. 1; RV/G (12)m 59 = JWG (12)m 61, D6; JWG (12)m 91, item 7.2

Joint working group JWG, noise, stationary vessel, generators