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Article 10.10 / Articles 32.02(2), 32.03(1) - Transitional provisions with regard to Article 10.10 - Generators and engines – Vessels built before 1 April 1976


Which of the requirements in Article 10.10 apply to vessels built before 1 April 1976, starting on 1 January 2015?


When inspection certificates are renewed after 1 January 2015, vessels built before 1 April 1976 will have to meet the requirements of the 1976 version of the RVBR listed below. (This interpretation is valid for Articles 10.06, 10.10, 10.11(2), 10.12, 10.14, 10.15 and 10.17).

Article 10.10 Generators and engines (Article 6.04 du RVBR 1976)

a) Generators and engines must be placed in such a way as to be readily accessible for carrying out checks, measurements and repairs, and that neither water nor oil may reach the windings. The terminal boxes must be readily accessible.

b) Generators driven by the main machine, propeller cam or an auxiliary power unit serving another purpose must be designed according to the variation in the number of revolutions that may occur while in use.

JWG (14) 65; RV (14) 55; RV (14) 76

CCNR Inspection regulations committee RV, Transitional provisions, Chapter 10, electrical equipment