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ES-TRIN, Article 13.04(5) and Article 13.05(14)(a) and (15)(a) - Permanently installed firefighting systems


To which elements does the type approval relate? How is the system’s compliance with the requirements in the IMO resolution in question ensured?


Firefighting systems which require type approval according to ES-TRIN Articles 13.04 and 13.05 do not need to comply with the complete referenced IMO resolution (i.e. A.800(19), MSC/Circ. 1165 or MSC/Circ. 1270). The requirement is limited to the type-approval in accordance with the IMO Resolution (e.g. the type-approval may be limited to the nozzles only). The number and location of nozzles used in a space should be in accordance with their capacity as mentioned in the type- approval certificate.

CESNI/PT (21) 39 rev. 1
CESNI/PT (18)m 41, GERC2

CESNI working group technical requirements CESNI/PT, firefighting systems, type approval