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ES-TRIN - Verification of compliance with standards required in the ES-TRIN

The ES-TRIN frequently requires components, equipment or installations aboard a vessel to comply with specific standards specified in the ES-TRIN. This compliance is typically corroborated by certification from an accredited or notified body. Certifications such as these are among the documents and supporting material that the ship owner or his representative shall be required to present where requested by the inspection body pursuant to Articles 2.02(1) and 2.03(3) RVIR or the competent authority pursuant to Article 6(6)) and Annex V Article 2.03(3) Directive (EU) 2016/1629 in the context of the inspection of the vessel.

CESNI/PT (20) 68
CESNI/PT (20) 68 rev. 1
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CESNI working group technical requirements CESNI/PT, standard, accredited body, notified body