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Articles 3.02, 19.03, 20.03, 22.07, 22.08, 27.02, 27.03, 28.03 and 29.05 - Minimum list of documents for the assessment of stability


What is the minimum list of documents comprising a stability dossier as referred to in Articles 3.02, 19.03, 20.03, 22.07, 22.08, 27.02, 27.03, 28.3 et 29.05, namely all the necessary documents to prove that the vessel is appropriately stable and that it meets the requirements imposed on it in this regard?


The minimum list of documents to provide to the inspection body is:
- Summary (including the outcomes of the calculation with clear description of the loading cases),
- Description of the vessel and its use,
- Identification of the software or method used to calculate stability,
- Table showing mathematical symbols used,
- General arrangement plans, tank plans and lines plan of hull form,
- Description and location of capacity (bunkers, tanks, ballast, ...),
- Weight estimation or measurement reports, and inclining test report (when required),
- Description of the loading conditions studied,
- Location of all the vessel's downflooding points,
- Calculations note for heeling moments,
- Intact stability curve for each loading condition,
- Verification of the regulatory criteria for intact stability.

Where damage stability is required:
- Subdivision plan, location of watertight doors,
- Statement of water ingress assumptions,
- Stability curves following water ingress (at a minimum for instances of water ingress and the most critical loading
- Verification of regulatory criteria for all water ingress occurrences and all loading conditions.

Remark: upon request, information should be provided in a digital manner to the inspection body.

CESNI/PT (16) 46, CESNI/PT (16) 55 rev. 3 = CESNI/PT/Pax (19) 5, Q9, CESNI/PT/Pax (19)m 9, Q9

Working group for passenger vessels (CESNI/PT/Pax), stability, documentation