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Article 19.11 - Type approval certificates


Article 19.11 defines the requirements governing the suitability for fire protection of materials and components on passenger vessels. Corroboration is provided in the form of type approval certificates issued by testing institutions.

Does the suitability for fire protection of materials and components required in Article 19.11 depend on their use and where they are fitted?


Yes, the test requirements for suitability for fire protection differ according to the location of the component. For example, the general requirements in Annex 1, parts 1.1 - 1.16 of the Fire Test Procedures Code state that the test requirements are to take account of the component’s location and that the certifications are to be restricted accordingly.

Additionally, there can be restrictions or more detailed information as to the use of the material (e.g. as a bulkhead, wall cladding or deck covering etc.). A material can also have several certificates (depending on its location and use).

The inspection body therefore needs to take account of these restrictions when validating the type approval certificates for suitability for fire protection.

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Working group for passenger vessels (CESNI/PT/Pax), fire protection, passenger vessel, fire test procedures, fire-resistance, type approval certificates