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Directive (EU) 2016/1629, Article 29 - Issuance of Community certificates


The exceptions granted under Article 29 of Directive 2016/1629 must be entered on the certificate. How are certificates which do not mention these exceptions to be dealt with?


In the absence of explicit entries in the certificate, the vessel cannot be granted the corresponding derogations.

In the event of any shortcomings identified during a conformity check (Article 22 of the Directive) the relevant procedure applies. This involves, if appropriate, suspension of navigation, notification to the inspection body that issued the certificate and a withdrawal of the certificate by the issuing inspection body (Article 15 of the Directive).

Other remarks:
The detailed list of exceptions granted under Article 29 is entered in item 52 of the certificate. In the interests of transparency, some experts recommend that this page be capable of being provided both in the national language and in English. Instruction ESI-I-1 could be modified as a result.

CESNI/PT (18)m 41 final

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