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Article13.07(2) and Chapter 22 - Ship's boats


For floating equipment, given the space constraints on board, is it possible to consider “working boats” to be “ship's boats” when it comes to the requirements for the launching of ship's boats? Working boat is understood as a small boat which is commonly used for transport from the shore to the floating equipment.


- A definition is to be found in Article 1.01(1.26) of the ES-TRIN: “’ship's boat’: a boat for use in transport, rescue, salvage and work duties”
- For floating equipment, in the context of a shipyard, “working boats” can be considered to be “ship's boats” provided that the “working boats” correspond to the requirements of the “ship’s boats”.
- The ship’s boat does not necessarily need to be stored on deck but can be towed.

CESNI/PT (18)m 41 final, point 3

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