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Article 3.02(1) - Hull's sufficient strength

The first sentence of article 3.02(1) “The hull shall be sufficiently strong to withstand all the stresses to which it is normally subjected” is the basis of the requirement.

It is not restrictive.

That being so, this sufficient strength must be maintained over time having regard to the wear experienced by the hull and any changes in operating conditions.

Consequently, it must be possible to assess the hull's residual strength at regular intervals (over the vessel's life, any modifications made, under all anticipated loading conditions and navigationzones) using appropriate methods (e.g. through measurements of residual thicknesses or calculation of stresses in the metal according to these thicknesses) and the necessary modifications must be made to the hull to maintain sufficient strength.

Proof of these assessments must be retained on board.

It should be recalled that:
- article 3.02(1)(a) spells out the situation requiring presentation of proof of the calculated strength of the hull;
- Article 3.02(1)(b), which defines the minimum thicknesses of the bottom, bilge and side plating (for steel hulls), implies:
• that these minimum thicknesses must be complied with even if the assessment of the residual strength were to allow lesser thicknesses), except in the situation envisaged in article 3.02(1)(c);
• that when the assessment of residual strength demonstrates that the required thicknesses are greater than those obtained in application of article 3.02(1)(b), the thicknesses arising from the assessment of the residual strength must be complied with by virtue of the fundamental requirement (article 3.02(1));
• that the minimum acceptable residual strength of the components that have not been mentioned must also be assessed.

ESI-II-2 is applicable for installation of new doubler plates

CESNI/PT (16) 49 = RV/G (15) 19 rev. 2


CESNI working group technical requirements CESNI/PT, strength; hull; residual strength; minimum thicknesses; proof of the strength of the hull