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Article 8.05(6) - Installation and measurement of the breather pipe and connections on the fuel tanks

In the context of the work on the moratorium for certain transitional provisions, the French delegation was instructed to submit a proposed solution for Article 8.05(6) (document JWG (14) 63 rev. 3 = RV/G (14) 68 rev. 3). The problem broached by a number of ship owners arose from the obligation to replace the fuel tank filler neck or its breather pipe in order to comply with the required criteria concerning the cross-section of the two pipes (min. 1,25 times).

The German delegation had pointed out that there is a low-cost solution for complying with this requirement. It is to fit the filler neck with a connecting piece which locally reduces the cross-section. This solution does not appear to pose any particular technical problem.

JWG (15) 63 = RV/G (15) 62 ; CESNI/PT (16)m 24 item 5

The cross-section of the tank's breather pipe and connecting pipes must be at least 1,25 times the cross-section of the filler neck. An absolute size is not required. Putting it another way, the following version would also be conceivable: The filling line may not exceed 0,8 times the cross-section of the smallest breather or connecting pipe. This can be achieved by fitting a short reduction piece to the filler neck that is inseparably joined with the latter by means of an insoluble adhesive (e.g. Loctite). The appropriate connecting piece for this reduction piece complies with EN 12827.

Too small a filler neck cross-section results in increased pressure in the bunker hoseline. Should this occur while the tank is being filled the monitoring system will switch off the pump as soon as a limit value is exceeded, thus preventing any problems.

JWG (15) 63 = RV/G (15) 62 ; CESNI/PT (16)m 24 item 5

CESNI working group technical requirements CESNI/PT, breather pipe; connections; fuel tanks; measurement; moratorium