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Article 10.17 / Articles 32.02(2), 32.03(1) - Transitional provisions with regard to Article 10.17 – Signal lights – Vessels built before 1 April 1976


Which of the requirements in Article 10.17 apply to vessels built before 1 April 1976, starting on 1 January 2015?


When inspection certificates are renewed after 1 January 2015, vessels built before 1 April 1976 will have to meet the requirements of the 1976 version of the RVBR listed below. (This interpretation is valid for Articles 10.06, 10.10, 10.11(2), 10.12, 10.14, 10.15 and 10.17).

10.17 Signal lights (6.10 RVBR 1976)

a) Switchboards for signal lights shall be installed in the wheelhouse. They shall be supplied by a separate feeder from the main switchboard.
b) On passenger vessels longer than 25 m, it must also be possible to supply power to the lights from an emergency source.
c) It must be possible to supply power to the lights separately from the control panel for the signal lights, and they must be protected and controlled separately.
d) For controlling the lights, the indicator lamps or other equivalent arrangement must be fixed on the switchboard in the wheelhouse, unless direct control is possible from the wheelhouse. Any failure of the indicator lamp must not prevent the functioning of the light to which it refers.

JWG (14) 65; RV (14) 55; RV (14) 76

CCNR Inspection regulations committee RV, transitional provisions, Chapter 10, electrical equipment