Database for the application of the technical requirements for inland vessels

The database contains questions, comments and interpretations for which the Working Group Technical Requirements (CESNI/PT) has given a coordinated response or conclusion. This data results from the actual application of the technical requirements of the ES-TRIN (or earlier texts). Indeed, the database also includes interpretations validated by other bodies such as the Joint Working Group (JWG) or the Inspection Regulations Working Group (RV/G).

The structure of this summary document, which provides information on a situation or question, is as follows:

  1. title together with the corresponding requirements;
  2. description of the problem or question, with proposed solutions or answers, as the case may be, stating the source (document reference);
  3. conclusions and findings arising from the consultation, stating the source (document reference);
  4. body behind the coordinated conclusions and findings;
  5. keywords concerning the situation.